Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

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Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

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Top strain for cancer patients, suitable for stress, pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation…

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Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain, Charlotte’s Web marijuana Strain, buy flowers New Hampshire, buy gas online alaska, buy marijuana online Delaware: Charlotte’s Web is a medical strain high in CBD, a cannabis compound (or cannabinoid) that has a range of medical applications. Colorado growers the Stanley Brothers created this strain specifically for Charlotte Figi — a young epilepsy patient and medical cannabis user — by crossing an unspecified strain with industrial hemp. The effectiveness of Charlotte’s Web in treating Figi’s seizures was publicized in a CNN special and garnered enough attention to attract droves of families to Colorado in search of similar relief.

Charlotte’s Web has spurred a wave of innovation in CBD breeding, giving us strains like Cannatonic. With limited psychoactivity, Charlotte’s Web contains little to no THC. Its CBD content, however, runs from 15 to 20% — that’s 300 times higher than the CBD of the average recreational strain.

Unlike its cousin cannabinoid THC, CBD doesn’t act directly on the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. Instead, it is thought to work indirectly by increasing the availability of the body’s own endocannabinoid compounds to stimulate those receptors. Essentially, CBD may act as a booster to help out many of the body’s naturally functioning processes. Although Charlotte’s Web is available as a concentrated oil for easy medical ingestion, buds of the strain are also available for adults who prefer more traditional consumption. Flowers of this hemp-descended strain have a sativa appearance, with long, tapered buds and olive green leaves. Those accustomed to more psychoactive strains will notice that Charlotte’s Web has relatively few pistils and, due to the near-absence of THC-laden trichomes, very little stickiness. Its scent is more familiar: dank and piney with some light floral notes. When burnt, this strain gives off a smooth smoke. On the exhale, it may taste slightly skunky with an underlying grassy, vegetal taste that speaks to its hemp content.

As noted, Charlotte’s Web is bred specifically for a high CBD to THC ratio. Because of this ratio, Charlotte’s Web can be useful for casual edible bakers who want to avoid an intense high. That said, depending on the particular phenotype of Charlotte’s Web consumed, users may get some buzzy effects ranging from a heightened sense of well-being to some sensory enhancement. Generally speaking, however, medical-grade Charlotte’s Web comes with negligible psychoactivity, making it a prime choice for patients – particularly children – who want to avoid getting high. In fact, researchers believe that the presence of CBD may actually act to shut down any trippy or anxiety-inducing feelings caused by trace amounts of THC.

The CBD in this strain can bind to receptors that regulate inflammation, body temperature, and perception of pain, making it a powerful treatment for those suffering from anything from a fever to chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s Disease. At high levels, CBD can even stimulate serotonin-related receptors, conferring benefits for psychological conditions like anxiety, addiction, and sleep disturbance. Perhaps most significantly, recent studies of CBD have shown that it may work against cancer by destroying existing cancerous cells and halting the spread of new ones. Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain, Charlotte’s Web marijuana Strain, buy flowers New Hampshire, buy gas online alaska, buy marijuana online Delaware

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11 reviews for Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

  1. jilly

    Love everything about this strain! If you want just a little head change, and a kick of CBD, this is for you. Tastes great too.

  2. jonski

    I don’t know why but to me it tastes like a sausage egg and cheese mcgriddle, no matter what brand.

  3. bobbi

    Amazing for medical purpose

  4. jenny

    Body-high heavy indica. Good for right before bed time. Pretty relaxing and sedative. Results in some heat waves across the body, which is kinda fun.

  5. King Daddio

    Reviewed for anxiety control: I use Hempios 350, (11.67 mg per dropper, 30 droppers per oz). 8 drops every 4 hours controls my anxiety. While out of town I couldn’t find Hempios, and bought CW Everyday Plus: (28 mg per dropper, 30 droppers per oz), so more than twice the mgs. of Hempios 350. However, 8, then 10, then 15 drops every 4 hours were not enough to calm my anxiety, even when I returned home. I suffered for 6 days with this stuff before I could afford to repurchase Hempios. All is well now with 8 drops. The math: 3 mg./4 hours of Hempios 350 controls my anxiety. 10.5 mg./4 hours CW Everday+ does not. Hope this helps someone using CBD for anxiety.

  6. Momma Elle

    i am living with anxiety and depression, and something else im in the process of figuring out (constant zolts of pain is a major symptom though) this strain gave me an anxious free, positive state of mind while still being able to function completely and not feel high while still feeling high

  7. berea

    Awesome strain for pain! It will NOT get you high.

  8. weazal

    I’m not super impressed with this strain, I felt like I didn’t get high after smoking a bowl. I typically like India strains and hybrid but for a sativa strain I wasn’t impressed.

  9. tasha

    Amazing strain with major CBD properties, very minimal THC, cures cancer and all kinds of problems. Usually has high concentrations of the terpene Limonene, which is a great anti-inflammatory agent and I should look for this terpene in all strains I use.

  10. Jack

    Being a medical marijuana patient in Oregon treating PTSD, I had to navigate my way through the medical marijuana scene findings strains that agreed with my symptoms. What I find is strains high in CBD and very low THC is my go to ratio. A 1 through etc percent ratio works great.

  11. ian Droi

    It was amazing didn’t get to high but it did the medical part thank you so much it was amazing weed.

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